Matthew 24:34
"Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place."

October 1, 2008

Is Jesus coming back?

Do you believe in the Revelation? Do you believe that Jesus will be coming back to our lonely little planet? Do you believe that He's coming back in your lifetime?

If so, then I have a proposition for you.

If you truly believe that Jesus will return in your lifetime, then include me in your last will and testament. Agree, in writing, to leave me all of your assets. Exclude everyone else from your will, naming only myself (or a charity of my choosing).

There will be no risk, of course, because Jesus will be coming back before you die, thus preventing your last will and testament from ever being executed. There's nothing to lose!

Perhaps you feel the likelihood that Jesus will return is more like 75%? Then leave me 75% of your assets. 10% chance? 10% assets. I'm flexible, I can work with you. I'll even agree to tithe 10% of my inheritance to the church of your choice!

If your faith is really that strong, and you really believe that Jesus will come back in your lifetime, then what do you have to lose? As a testament to my unwavering conviction that Jesus will never return, I'll agree to give you all of my assets if He does return. Hell, I'll even sign over my immortal condemned soul to you, so that you may eternally laugh at me for being so stupid. You have nothing to lose, while I have everything to lose...right?

Wouldn't you just love to prove me wrong? Make it happen. Put your money where your mouth is, and make your faith a legal document today :)

Do you know a pastor who preaches that Jesus is coming back in your lifetime? Pass this challenge on to him today!


  1. Awesome. You, my friend, are a visionary. I admire your entreprenurial spirit.

  2. And a good day to you fine sir!!

    Amazing that not one person has taken me up on the offer yet. Jim Bakker preaches every morning that Jesus will be here soon. Surely ol' Jim would be more than willing to put his [congregation's] money where his mouth is, and show up this wicked, misguided atheist?

  3. Chirstians believe gambling is wrong/a sin, so they wouldnt take you up on this deal even if they truely do think Jesus is returning..

  4. It's funny that you post this. Any real follower of Christ (may or may not call themselves 'Christians') know that the Lord said that "NO ONE knows the day, the time, or the hour" of when He's returning. So, yes I see your snarky little point here, and it makes sense. But, any real LOVER of Christ knows that no one knows when He is coming back, so why would they place their inheritance on that? only a fool! What a waste of time, and what a dumb point to try and prove to a non-believer!

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comment, sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

    It's only considered gambling if you're wrong ;) If Christians know Jesus will be back in their lifetime, then there's nothing to lose.

  6. Bekah,

    First, thank you very much for posting! I welcome all posts and appreciate you taking the time to give your input.

    An Associated Press survey in 1997 revealed that 24% of American adults expected to still be alive when Jesus returns: God Poll

    Using an American population of 300 million, this is 72 million people who literally believe that Jesus will return to earth before they die. *In the interest of full-disclosure, I'll say that I've simplified the math here quite a bit, though in reality this number is probably even greater.*

    You, Bekah, are standing on the outside of these 72 million people. Instead of telling me that I'm wrong in my thinking, why not tell them? Those crazy Christians would be quite happy if global nuclear war began, or if catastrophe plagued the entire this would be the End Times they so desperately want, a glorious welcoming of the Messiah. Finally Jesus will come back and reward those of faith, while punishing the unbelievers.

    BTW, this is something that Sam Harris has discussed in his excellent book, Letter to a Christian Nation. I highly recommend that book if you are open to hearing a different perspective than the one you've likely been spoon-fed over the years from family and pastors (I'm assuming this based on your name).

    And here's a little brain challenge for you, let me know the solution:

    If make-believe 'the Lord' says that nobody knows the day that make-believe Jesus will return,

    And if I pick a day x in the future on which I believe that make-believe Jesus will return,

    Can make-believe Jesus return on that day x?

    If yes, JC can return, then doesn't that mean that I DID know the day and 'the Lord' was lying or was wrong? Isn't it impossible for your make-believe 'Lord' to lie or be wrong about anything?

    If no, JC cannot return, then doesn't that mean that I am more powerful than these imaginary people, at least with respect to when I am allowing them to return in fantasyland?

    Think of the implications? It's like a magic-spell I've uncovered that when used properly will block JC from returning, preventing armageddon, plagues, earthquakes and all that other good stuff that 'the Lord' loves! It's religious tic-tac-toe..."I'll take March 8, 2014 for the block."

    Thank you for spurring this thought, it'll be my next blog post! While make-believe Jesus won't come here and post a reply, maybe you can return and post your answer?

    Thanks again for your post. I made it extra-snarky for you since you called the original idea 'dumb', which is not very nice or Christian-like.

  7. Ahh...I have found the Revelation Challenge.

    Well, actually, if I did believe in the "Second Coming" of Christ to be an event imminent in my/our lifetime, I would require you to leave everything to me in your will in that the Bible teaches that it is those who DO NOT ACCEPT Christ who will be removed from the earth.

    Therefore, when the 'wicked' are taken away, who will get their stuff? It would simplify litigation in the post-apocalypse court structure (whatever that might be), if all that you and Mod were left to myself and/or Christiana.

    So, I do believe in the return of the Lord, could be in my lifetime, and would love to have your stuff willed to me!

    Check it out for yourself in Matthew 24.37-42. It is the wicked who are 'taken away', just like in Noah's days.

  8. This is perfect, I'm ready to do it! I'll leave you everything under the condition that Jesus Christ returns and takes me away. By everything I mean all of it, the houses, the cars, the free bible Jim Bakker gave me, even my eternal soul.

    On your end, you leave me everything you own, all assets, under the condition that natural death takes you away. I'll even let you call it "god" taking you away. As you declare a firm belief in Jesus' return, you have nothing to lose.

    If my enrichment on the Lord's dime doesn't sit well with you, I am completely satisfied with having your estate given to a charity of my choice instead of directly to me. Potential charities include EDF Thai and Operation Smile. Of course, this won't matter as I'll never win. But just in case this sits better for you, it's no problem for me.

    It's a perfect testament to Christian faith. We can even get on the news with the challenge. Imagine the converts you'd win for Jesus, upstaging this atheist by taking his silly challenge! Boldly declare your faith in Jesus, Davie, let's do this! What have you got to lose?

    By the way, this comment inspired a new post, Checkmate Jesus!. Check it out ;)

  9. I see that the issue is not that Jesus is coming back, but is Jesus coming back in my or your lifetime!? Now I understand from whence thou comest!

    The Bible does not in any way make any guarantees that the Lord would return in any certain time-frame. Is Jesus coming back? Yes. Does He have to come back within my lifetime? NO, of course not.

    There is nothing in Scripture or Jesus' own words whereby He set a time-limit on when He would return.

    So, maybe a better CHALLENGE would be to bet something on if the Bible and/or Jesus actually said what you are saying He said?

    Now that would be a challenge within the realm of possibility in that it would be based on FACTS and not on innuendo, faith, or prejudicial thinking. (Hmmm...could your scathing indictment of supposed Christian beliefs be not based on actual and empirical evidence.


    I suspicion that your non-belief in the BibleJesus is actually correct in that the BibleJesus you deny actually doesn't exist!

    Maybe in this sense we are both "BibleJesus As Daniel Defines Atheists'!! :)