Matthew 24:34
"Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place."

March 6, 2008

Who goes to Hell?

Who goes to Hell?

Did you know that good, moral people are burning in Hell this very minute? You see, JesusGod, who loves each and every one of us very much, must show His love for us by also punishing us when we are bad. And we are bad. Even as babies, we are very, very bad.

But JesusGod doesn't punish us for everything. In fact, He doesn't punish us for ANYTHING, as long as we ask Him to forgive us. But, there is one thing that JesusGod cannot forgive us for: He cannot forgive us for the crime of not loving Him.

No matter what we do on this earth, no matter how moral we live our lives, JesusGod in all His divine power and glory will allow us into the fiery pits of Hell. We deserve it, every last one of us, because we're evil at birth. Our only chance at redemption is by loving Christ with all our that too much to ask?

I thought I'd list a few famous evil-doers who have jilted Christ, and who are currently suffering eternal punishment for their dastardly deeds:

Mohandas Gandhi

John Lennon

Mark Twain

Albert Einstein

Thomas Edison

...and every single Jew who died during the Holocaust!

Please understand: These people, according to the Bible, are burning right now, this very second. Screaming for mercy, pleading with Jesus. But Jesus cannot help them: they simply chose poorly, and He's giving them their just desserts. Fair enough?

If Einstein had spent more time in prayer with Christ, instead of devoting his life to all those hocus-pocus science spells, perhaps he'd be in a more comfortable place now. But he isn't. If you are to believe in Jesus, and believe in Christianity's promises, than you must also believe that this is true. Am I wrong?

In comparison, here are some of the good Christian brethren that we should be excited to meet upon our entrance to Heaven:

Jeffrey Dahmer

Ted Bundy

...Timothy McVeigh, Adolf Hitler, and the list goes on and on!!

This fine cast of characters has, by all accounts and honest assumptions, succeeded in finding a place with the Lord in Heaven! As mentioned earlier, Christ will not punish us for our sins here on earth, as long as we ask Him to forgive us. Isn't that great!!? Jesus doesn't care if you've murdered, raped, molested, robbed or burgled. All He cares about is that you love Him the same way He loves you.


All it takes is to love Jesus. It's so simple!