Matthew 24:34
"Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place."

October 1, 2008

Is Jesus coming back?

Do you believe in the Revelation? Do you believe that Jesus will be coming back to our lonely little planet? Do you believe that He's coming back in your lifetime?

If so, then I have a proposition for you.

If you truly believe that Jesus will return in your lifetime, then include me in your last will and testament. Agree, in writing, to leave me all of your assets. Exclude everyone else from your will, naming only myself (or a charity of my choosing).

There will be no risk, of course, because Jesus will be coming back before you die, thus preventing your last will and testament from ever being executed. There's nothing to lose!

Perhaps you feel the likelihood that Jesus will return is more like 75%? Then leave me 75% of your assets. 10% chance? 10% assets. I'm flexible, I can work with you. I'll even agree to tithe 10% of my inheritance to the church of your choice!

If your faith is really that strong, and you really believe that Jesus will come back in your lifetime, then what do you have to lose? As a testament to my unwavering conviction that Jesus will never return, I'll agree to give you all of my assets if He does return. Hell, I'll even sign over my immortal condemned soul to you, so that you may eternally laugh at me for being so stupid. You have nothing to lose, while I have everything to lose...right?

Wouldn't you just love to prove me wrong? Make it happen. Put your money where your mouth is, and make your faith a legal document today :)

Do you know a pastor who preaches that Jesus is coming back in your lifetime? Pass this challenge on to him today!