Matthew 24:34
"Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place."

October 7, 2007

God is a bigot

It's Sunday, and neither my wife or I have to work. It's looking to be a nice day, so perhaps we'll go down to the beach and walk the pier. Or maybe we'll just grab some good cds and drive around. My wife is great, she doesn't need to go anywhere in particular, she just wants to be with me wherever we end up.

My wife is a Thai Buddhist. She doesn't believe in God, or Jesus, or Heaven, or Hell. She believes that when we die, we die. Nobody knows, and she isn't about to fill in the blanks. I mean, why not go with what you can actually observe and test?

My wife has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I've met. Everyone who meets her, from family to friends, feels this. Part of it is cultural, and part of it is just her. It is such a breath of fresh air from the typical hate and fear that is preached by the Christian majority in this country, and which is burned into our own culture by default.

For instance, take homosexuality. As a man, to think of two men donkey-balling each other is repulsive to me. Shit, I can't believe that women can actually be turned-on by men. To paraphrase Michael from The Office:

"The penis is the most magnificent sight a woman could ever see. But taken in the wrong context, it's like a monster movie."

But hey, if that's what homosexuals want to do, then who am I to tell them they can't? Why should they be discriminated against in our country? This situation is a perfect example of the hate preached by Christianity, and soaked up in our culture.

Quick question: Name three countries who, as a whole, regard homosexuality as immoral.

Was Thailand one of those countries? How about Sweden? The Netherlands? Do you know why? Because none of these countries is majority Christian or Islamic. The people in these countries don't hate others for being different. Meanwhile, homosexuality is punishable by death in Islamic countries, and is perpetually one of the main topics in public debate in the United States. Politicians are pimping out the Christians in our country, knowing that a topic as irrelevant as gay marriage will win votes.

In our country, which God has blessed, why are we discriminating against homosexuals? Why are we discriminating against anybody? If God can heal acne and sciatica, then why can't He eliminate discrimination in this country that He hath blessed? Is it because no Christians are praying for it? You know what, maybe that's right! I mean, why would Christians pray for an end to gay bashing? BibleGod Himself is a bigot, so I'd have to think that he's a gay basher in His own right. An interesting idea...let me slow down on the coffee intake.

I've informed my wife that we may both be heading to Hell, since, as the popular Christian bumper sticker goes: If you're living like there is no God, you better be right. Her response was: "That's okay, I've never been there, so it should be fun to visit."

This simple response should infuriate Christians. I mean, how could a person be so nonchalant about the very real perils of Hell? It may even arouse desires to witness my wife burning in Hell, as many Christians say: "I'll be laughing at you while I'm in Heaven."
"Every knee shall bow" stokes the fires of Christian bigotry, as it reinforces their belief that those who reject Jesus will be made to kneel, be made to wimper, be made to beg.

Wow...have you ever thought that this same insanity is what causes Islamic warriors to rejoice as they behead an infidel? Isn't the same core belief responsible? Why so hateful?

Shit man, I've got a long neck too. The kind of neck Christians and Muslims alike would salivate at, waiting to get their first shot at cutting it.

So anyways...The wife and I will be out enjoying each other's company today. Maybe have a nice lunch somewhere. Maybe we'll throw a frisbee around? Or maybe we'll find a nice place to take some pictures. There's a wonderfully cool breeze blowing through my wonderful house right now, as my wonderful wife laughs at me as I type. What a wonderful day to be an Atheist!

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