Matthew 24:34
"Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place."

February 2, 2009

An Atheist and Christian Debate: Part 9

This is our Christian subject's last post on the matter. My conclusion will be posted later this week, and will mark the conclusion of this discussion. In this email, we see more ridiculous assertions being made and more absurd questions being asked.

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 18:49:12 -0700
From: Julio
Subject: Re: Research Volunteers Needed
To: Daniel

Hello my sunshine, sorry for the delayed response. I been putting in some crazy hours into this business and haven't had much time to sit down and shoot the breeze with my boy :-)

You seem to shut me down fairly quickly. You mention that I don't address your email when in fact I feel that I do. Questions like 'will your church allow you to.....etc' has been answered in my previous emails but I'm not sure if your doing speed reading and skipping here and there, but I have responded to you with the BEST of my knowledge, I have not simply told you 'end of discussion' or I'm not going to answer that. We're full grown men and I think we can carry a mature conversation without shutting down or getting frustrated. Patience is inside of you, you just gotta work it my nig!

Those websites you mentioned, I know nothing of and didn't bother going to the internet, again I'm answering to the best of MY knowledge. My 'crafty' words to describe theory is nothing crafty its just the simple plain definition just like looking up the word 'Giraffe'. A theory is a theory until proven otherwise. Take gravity, everyday I get out of bed hoping I can defy gravity like that nigga Jordan or fly like a bird but we know its not going to happen. Something (that being gravity) keeps us in order right here on the ground and I love it, I love science, I really do. All I'm trying to say is that there is no proof that we come from molecules, again, from a neutral persons point of view, WE WILL NEVER KNOW and that's just reality. We don't have solid fossils that are billions (not millions) of years old to show solid proof of how man became man, if I remember correctly the oldest fossil is no more than a couple hundred thousand years old. Let's just say I did believe this evolution theory, I still haven't been proven on how the Hominidae species got here in the first place, so I would still be stuck and be forced to believe in something that I have not seen, kind of like God.

Don't fight me and tell me that evolution takes million and millions of years because that statement in its own is already headed towards a guess, like my theory of God.

Just like we live gravity everyday and everyday gravity proves its self and its principals. I dropped a cup the other day and it broke, gravity reminded me of its principals and guess what! Gravity worked, it pulled the cup down (Don't you! My Dad's a Physicist!)[editor's note: inside joke]. I personally have applied certain biblical principles and they worked, would I have applied those principals if I never read the Bible more than likely the answer is 'no', for me at least. But that's me, I just feel in my heart that I would have never exercised these principals if it wasn't for this 'book'. Some people call it luck, chance, or coincidence and I keep quite and respect that (unless its the right time or they ask) but when I'm told that, all I can think of is that I just believe in something greater. I don't fight it, that's too complicated and puts more stress in my life, I just believe in it and move on. What can I say I'm human. If certain things go right for you and your beliefs cause you to give thanks to yourself only, then great, why fight it its too complicated to sit down and figure out who else to give thanks too for every thing that goes right in your life, that's your belief and I respect that.

That's another beauty of all this were all different, imagine everyone had the same personalities, gestures, voice, etc, that would be boring. Why are we all different? I don't know I just live with it and move on, to try to figure that out is too complicated. Why worry about something with insignificant value in our eyes, I have a family waiting for me everyday expecting nothing but the best from me, that in itself is hard work and enough worry. My best is directly connected to principals that I've learned from my little book, that's where I learned them and have succeeded. Your best is connected to something else, maybe principals that you've learned as you grew up or were taught by your family and whether you learned them or were told about them your credit goes to that person or book accordingly. If you read a book about family and because of that book you learned new principals/laws of family and due to that your family is at peace then I'm sure some credit would go to that book where you gained that knowledge, right?

My physical proof and evidence of existence of God/Jesus that you wish to see is as profoned as that one molecule where we came from that's billions and billions of years old that you have showed me and is held in that one museum..........there's is none to date for your argument or mine.

Julio G-Strang


  1. Interesting read, I was rolling on the floor. Atheist to Atheist, just curious to know your point of view since you seem very knowledgeable in your writings that I have truly been enjoying. Towards the end in Part 4, you said “there are quite a few things that I can think of which would cause me to seriously consider that God exists”, what are those things?

  2. Hi Mr Atheistolic, thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the debate. Check out some of my other posts if you're interested. I'm personally quite fond of my "Is Jesus Really Coming Back?" entry.

    I will happily answer your question regarding my comment on part 4, "There are quite a few things...which would cause me to seriously consider that God exists":

    If food fell from the sky and fed every starving person on the planet for one full day, I would consider that God exists. Consider that there is biblical precedent for this Manna miracle, so it wouldn't be the first time BibleGod did this.

    If every firearm on the planet was inoperable and non-functional for one full day, I would consider that God exists.

    If Stephen Hawking was completely freed of his ALS prison, regaining 100% functionality of his entire body and appearing no different than any other person, I would seriously consider that God exists.

    If within the next 5 years, Elvis put on the concert "Aloha from Hawaii 2: The Comeback Kid", I would seriously consider that God exists.

    This list isn't closed, of course. I could think of a large number of 'miracles' which would provide serious evidence for me to believe that God exists. Christians will (and do) suggest that "God will not perform magic shows for you", but I completely disagree. If the Bible is to be believed, then BibleGod has performed many miracles for many people over the course of history. If the love BibleGod has for me is equal to that which he had for Moses, then I expect seas to part in front of me like they did for Moses and the supposed masses of Israelites. If Jesus loves me the same as he loved his disciples, then I expect to see him walk on water. Why is Doubting Thomas shown evidence of Jesus' Resurrection, but I'm not?

    Furthermore, Christians actually claim to witness miracles. A quick check of The 700 Club website shows an entire list of miracles. My question still remains, "Why are these people getting preferential treatment over me and a billion other non-Christians the world over?"

    A discussion of this with a Christian eventually devolves into 'your heart is hardened', 'you wouldn't believe a miracle if you saw it', and other such nonsense. No, my heart is not hardened. Yes, I would believe it if I saw it. It's a very simple idea for me, yet very complex for a Christian. I ask for only one miracle, visible to people the world over. This is only difficult if BibleGod is imaginary...otherwise it should be a piece of cake.

    The next time you hear about Jesus' image being burned into a piece of toast, or the Virgin Mary showing herself in a shit-swirl on the window of a truck-stop bathroom, take a second to reflect and understand that there really are people who believe these are miracles, lol.

    Any more comments, fire away. I respond to them all, although I must admit that it might take me a few months. I still need to reply to Thpider on Part 6 :(

    Later dude,
    Pastor Dan