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January 29, 2009

An Atheist and Christian Debate: Part 8

Part 8 today, part 9 and the conclusion will follow as soon as I get a chance. I've been pretty busy with real work, my apologies for the delay.

PS: I still have comments to respond to. I always respond to my comments, so please hang in there until I get some time.

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From: Daniel
To: Julio
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2008 11:17:08 AM
Subject: RE: Research Volunteers Needed

There's nothing more to discuss here. You are defining the scientific term 'theory' outside of the bounds of science. Did you know that gravity is also a theory? General Relativity, as Einstein 'shot from the hip' with, is also just a 'theory'. If you contend that theories are just complete guesses and speculation, then we can talk no further on this subject. I assume that you don't consider the rest of the 'theories' which you agree with to be merely guesses and's only the ones that go against your faith which you MUST disagree with.

We still are left with myself ready to believe anything you want me to believe, as long as you provide evidence. You've not provided one shred of unambiguous evidence for your positive claim of God, or more importantly, Jesus. Rather than provide me the evidence for your positive claim, you instead have taken a .99c flyswatter to flail against the evil scientific community's unproven, untested, speculative 'guesses'. This does nothing to prove God or Jesus, and it does nothing to disprove the evidence which supports the theories of Evolution, Gravity, General Relativity, Conservation of Energy, etc. Science is founded on 'theories', and these theories can be (and are) testable, repeatable, and proven beyond a 'reasonable' doubt. Crafty word play on the definition of 'theory' does not change this fact.

Scientists are not evil, and science is not evil. The only people who oppose science are religious leaders (and their flocks of sheep), because it threatens the beliefs that they cling to. I've been to many creationist websites, and I can see that your information has come from there (or from someone who teaches creationism). I recognize the same arguments, the "God of the Gaps" ideas, and the misrepresentation of the word 'theory'. Perhaps you've been reading: , or ? Equating scientific theories and religious 'theories' is probably another thing that creationism teaches, but it is completely wrong. Completely wrong. I could explain this to you in a simple sentence, but honestly if you can't figure this out, then there's no reason for me to tell you.

I'm not gonna sit here and teach you the theory of evolution. I gave a little explanation in the previous email, but it seems that you weren't interested in discussing the validity of the argument, but rather the semantics involved. I answered your question about apes and humans; if you want to know more, then you gotta take a real science class on it (a class that doesn't have the word 'creation' in it). Discuss your problems with the word 'theory' with the professor, and he'll clear it up for you (or maybe you'll clear it up for him). Will your church allow you to take a course on evolution (physical anthropology) at the local junior college, or is this frowned upon? Are you just choosing not to understand this?

"If I asked that your evolution belief doesn't allow you to believe in other things, your mind goes crazy and tells its self "is Julio crazy doesn't he know that, etc......""

My evolution 'belief' doesn't prevent me from believing other things. I could very well believe in God and evolution, no problem. Science doesn't tell me what I can and cannot do There is no agenda behind science, but there is an agenda behind anti-science. You're misrepresenting the stance of the non-religious, and you're again equating two things which are not equal.

"P.S-You still haven't answered my question. I am interested in knowing the reasons why you think a God "does" exist. You volunteered to let me know and asked if I was interested and I'm letting you know to give it to me my Nig!"

It's a waste of time/energy and will only lead us to discuss scripture forever and ever. If you begin providing evidence that God exists, and that Jesus is that God, then I'll give you my reasons. I was actually going to give you my reasons in an earlier email, but it got lost in the rest of the discussion.

You've made the claim for God and Jesus, still waiting for your evidence,
-Pastor D

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