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January 23, 2009

An Atheist and Christian Debate: Part 7

And so we've come to the last few installments of this debate. At this point, it's apparent that Julio's understanding of evolution (and science in general) is completely screwy , and has been poisoned by Christian propaganda and pseudo-science.

To: Daniel
Subject: Re: Research Volunteers Needed
From: Julio
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008 03:01:03 +0000

I'll try me best to keep this short.

Evolution is a theory! A theory, is a guess, a speculation or what you call "shooting from the hip". This Darwin guy who CAME UP with this explanation/belief (or rather enforced it to great measures) said it himself, its a "theory". Like I mentioned many emails ago that evolution is a form of belief for something that man has and will never see, obviously we can't be alive for 10 million years, so hence theory.

Part of evolution is mutation which makes it part of your belief, in other words when you see "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" you must be in "aww!". All kidding aside, and as a neutral party would say you or anyone for that matter cannot prove evolution for obvious reasons but yet you have faith in that "my son". If I questioned the very creator of this evolution theory, he would tell me the same "you just have to believe in this".

You're asking me to prove the existence of God when yet you yourself or anyone cannot prove evolution, and when I ask for proof I don't want a theory or old fossils that "might" lead us to "believe" in evolution. The chief weakness of evolution lies in the "many gaps" that are not filled. Scientist this very day are arguing and questioning these big gaps, this is were one of the many controversies of evolution begins, like immediate mutation compared to gradual mutation or if mutation exists period, yet another thing that is not proven but a simple theory.

Again, your belief is in Evolution, does it really exists? I don't know its still a theory, a speculation, a guess. In one of your emails you asked me to take a class but I have to go in their and "believe" not just go their to out right reject it, the point is you want me to go in their and believe. The belief in God is what many people say is another theory the only difference is what theory are you going to go with, both require faith. Yes, "faith"! Faith is not only a biblical term but part of the English language that means "confidence or trust in a thing". Your trust/confidence is in evolution, mine is in God.

Your quote:
"You have absolutely no scientific basis for believing that the theory of evolution is false. In fact, nobody does...that's why it's still accepted as fact."

Two words in your statement that stand out about the very solid proof of our evolution existence, you mentioned "theory" and "accepted". Both have to do with something that is not sure and like Christianity is accepted. So the very thing that you call silly because of no proof or lack of substantial proof is exactly what you believe in. Your theory is that we were all molecules millions and billions of years ago and some how all these molecules got to together to form your stomach, your heart, your lungs, your brain, your miles and miles of veins, and uniquely these molecules knew there had to be a penis and vagina for reproduction but most importantly the molecules understood the entire function of the body and how every organ is critical for our well being.

And to clarify, its not that I'm allowed or not allowed to believe in other things, its purely by choice. The same exact choice and flexibility you had to change from a Christian to an agnostic/Atheist is the same flexibilty I have, were no different in that regard. Yet you choose what you choose, again purely by choice. If I asked that your evolution belief doesn't allow you to believe in other things, your mind goes crazy and tells its self "is Julio crazy doesn't he know that, etc......" Well that's the same exact thing that goes through my mind.

P.S-You still haven't answered my question. I am interested in knowing the reasons why you think a God "does" exist. You volunteered to let me know and asked if I was interested and I'm letting you know to give it to me my Nig!
(I want you to make it a point to respond to this on your next email)

I tried to keep it short but I think I failed.

Donatello (I think its the red turtle)!

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